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Tips for Negotiating Higher Payouts with CPA Network Managers

Higher Payouts with CPA Network Managers

Are you disappointed with your CPA payout? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of affiliates want to earn more from their hard work, and there are options if you negotiate properly. Network managers are the key to higher earnings because they can:

Offer higher CPA payout
Work with high earners
If you’re looking for the definition or CPA payout meaning, we’ll be covering this and tips on negotiating below.

Understanding CPA Network Payouts
CPA payout meaning how much you’re paid for an action. For example, the network you join may pay out $5 for the sale of an item through your affiliate link. Once you reach a certain threshold, you’ll be able to request your money.

Explaining how CPA payouts work in affiliate marketing
A CPA payout is how much you’re paid for a certain offer converting. If you sell a product as an affiliate, you may earn:

Flat payment fee
Commission (often tiered)
You can often negotiate these payouts, but you need to back it up with facts and show the value that you bring as an affiliate.

Differentiating between flat-rate and tiered payout structures
Payout structures are often broken down into one of the following:

Flat-rate: A flat-rate fee means that you’re paid an exact amount for a conversion no matter how much the item costs. If the price goes up or an upsell is included in the sale, you won’t receive any additional money.
Commission: Receiving a commission fee means that you receive a certain percentage of a sale. If you receive 10% on a $100 sale, you’ll earn $10. However, if you sell 1,000 products, the network may pay you 13% per sale because of a tiered payout structure, meaning you’ll earn $13 instead of $10.
Tiered payout structures are an incentive for you to push an offer more and provide a monetary benefit to you.

With both of these structures in mind, you may want to negotiate your payout. You may be able to ask for a $5 payout to be $7 because you have:

Massive reach in the industry
Made a certain level of sales
If you can push a large volume of sales, you will have the leverage to negotiate payout terms to be more favorable to you.

Building Strong Relationships
Relationships will dictate your ability to negotiate payout terms. Who do you need to have a relationship with?

Your network manager.

If you have an account manager that you work with all the time, you can ask them about a CPA payout negotiation in the future. You’ll want to be strategic when trying to negotiate terms because it’s crucial to time everything properly.

Did you have a record sales month?

If so, this may be a good starting point for negotiations.

The significance of cultivating strong partnerships with CPA network managers
Cultivating a strong partnership with a network manager will allow you to have a better chance of a CPA payout increase. Your partnership goes both ways, you’ll help:

Boost sales
Increase revenue
Impress advertisers
And when you work with a network manager and have a strong partnership, they’ll be able to:

Alert you to new, exclusive offers
Negotiate terms on your behalf
Help you optimize your campaigns
Assist you with reaching your financial goals
Partnerships are all about communication and maintaining a professional rapport with your CPA network managers. Let’s see how you can work on both of these points.

Tips for effective communication and professional rapport
If you want to negotiate a higher CPA payout, then you must maintain a professional rapport with your network manager.

Here are some tips:

Always be professional and respectful in your communication with your manager
Follow the rules
Check in for advice and input
Showing that you’re taking initiative and communicating with your manager regularly will open the door to negotiations later on.

Timing is Key
Negotiation is all about timing. You need to choose your moment wisely because you’ll have limited opportunities to negotiate higher payouts.

If you just signed up to be an affiliate, then now isn’t a good time to be asking for a higher commission.

But if you’re a seasoned affiliate or have recently reached a new milestone, then your timing may be just right.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

Recognizing the right time to initiate payout negotiations
How do you know that it’s the right time to initiate payout negotiations? Consider:

How long you’ve been an affiliate
The success of your campaigns
The value you’ve contributed
Take a similar approach to asking for a raise. You wouldn’t head straight to HR demanding a raise the day after you were hired. Equally, you wouldn’t ask for a raise if your performance was suffering.

Wait until you have achieved a track record of success before considering negotiations.

Understanding the industry trends and network performance metrics
Timing also has to do with understanding industry trends and your metrics. You need to be able to demonstrate that you understand the market, and you need to know which metrics will serve as proof of your value and expertise as an affiliate.

Demonstrating Performance and Quality
CPA network managers are often willing to give affiliates higher payouts if they can justify it through their performance and quality.

Here’s how to demonstrate performance and quality:

Providing data-driven evidence of your campaign success
Let’s say that you want to negotiate a higher payout with your imonetizeIT account manager. The first step is to gather your performance data and analyze key metrics:

Click-through rates
Conversion rates
If you excel in all of these areas, then you are clearly adding value to the program and can support your request for a higher payout.

The better your performance, the greater the chances of successful negotiation.

Highlighting the quality of your traffic and leads
Do your campaigns have especially high click-through and conversion rates? If so, you can make the argument that the quality of your traffic and leads justifies a higher payout rate.

High conversion and click-through rates indicate that your traffic is highly targeted and already in the buyer mindset. You’re attracting the right people to your campaign and the affiliate program, and that adds tremendous value.

Ultimately, if you are a high performer and can demonstrate the success of your CPA campaigns, then you can likely negotiate a higher payout. But keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that your negotiation will be a success.

Your network manager may not agree, even if your performance is stellar.

Negotiating higher payouts with your Ad4rev account manager is a delicate process. Make sure that you choose the right time to request a payout boost and have the means to demonstrate your high performance and quality.